Enter the main building at Safari Garden Centre and the adventure begins!



The Main Entrance

   Colourful flowerbeds


With it’s immense 23 metre high thatched roof and natural rock walls, this well known beacon, in the east of Pretoria, towers above the multi-award winning destination garden centre. The beautifully designed centre is a nature lover’s paradise with gently meandering pathways beckoning the visitor to explore further.

A haven of choice and inspiration for both the gardener, home decorator and tired city dweller, this is not merely a stop to buy plants.


Waterfalls at Safari Garden Centre


Patrons spend the day in the exquisite natural surrounds, blissfully enjoying the luxurious facilities. The centre nestles cosily against the backdrop of the Bronberg Ridge and surrounds a series of lakes and waterfalls, where exotic waterfowl and giant koi, glistening like jewels, glide by effortlessly.

Safari is known as a hub of excellence with horticulturists at hand to assist customers. Products of the finest quality are displayed on one of the largest sales floors in the world. Exclusive garden décor compliments a staggering array of plants. Annual shows offer patrons a practical demonstration on the best use of products available.

Bridge over the waterfalls


The same dedicated management team that were involved in the inception of Safari in 1994 are still happily sharing their expertise and passion for plants with customers. Relationships spanning for more than a decade have been forged and loyal customers know where to go for quality products and friendly staff with a wealth of knowledge.

Wild Geese and chicks


        Instant colour

      Indoor plant area